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Direct selling for The Body Shop At Home is now expanding in the USA!!! Now is a great time to become an independent consultant!


Become A Direct Seller and Join The Body Shop At Home Today!

The opportunity to become involved with the “Body Shop” as a “direct seller” is now!  Here’s why The Body Shop is turning to direct selling across the United States and into Canada. Say goodbye to the “brick and mortar” concept. Due to Covid-19, many brick and mortar type businesses have taken a hit with respect to product driven sales. The Body Shop, which has a strong and loyal following of customers has great products, and is using a proactive approach to meet consumer demands and needs.

Why joining NOW is an optimal time!!!   


The opportunity to get into this business is now!

Let me tell you why this is a such a wonderful opportunity….. At this point, we haven’t even officially launched.  June 1st is the expected launch date to become a direct seller. You can be among the first!

If you want to simply sell, build a team, or make extra money for you and your family, this is the very beginning of an opportunity for a solid company with a long history of quality products and a positive reputation!


Coronavirus & The Death of Brick And Mortar “ONLY” concept……

Direct Selling Offers New Opportunities!!!


Direct Selling has become an important piece during the Coronavirus “pandemic.” With many people working at home and purchasing products from their homes, direct sellers have an opportunity to make money from their living rooms.  In addition, with the loss of income, people are trying to find ways to supplement their loss of income during this time.  If you want more information about selling, joining my team, hosting a party, or product information, click open to see my business card.

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Body Shop DIrect Selling In the USA!

The Body Shop At Home Is Expanding in the USA.